• Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs on 14th Dec. 2016 constituted a “Technology Evaluation Committee for Solid and Liquid Waste and Water Supply” under the Chairmanship of Dr.R.A.Mashelkar, Ex-DG, CSIR presently working as National Research Professor & President, Global Research Alliance, by the Ministry vise F. No. 15/47/2016-SBM-1 dated 14th December 2016 with an objective to identify / recommend appropriate and sustainable technologies in the field of solid waste, sanitation, sewerage and water supply with a proven track record.
  • As per the terms of reference (TOR) of the Committee, the Committee will identify/assess the emerging technologies in the Country and recommend these technologies for funding support from GoI for taking up few such pilot plants in the country.
  • Also, the Committee will provide recommendation on the steps needed to promote the identified technologies. The recommendations of the Committee could be on policy interventions, fiscal incentives, system delivery innovations, social innovations etc. so as to promote the identified technologies in the field.
  • As per the TOR, the Committee will hold meetings periodically depending on need but at least twice in a year and the committee will be normally valid for next three years or till further orders & will be reconstituted depending on specific needs of the sector.
  • Already three meetings of the aforesaid Committee has been convened during the year with the latest meeting held on 30.10.2017.
  • During the first meeting of the Committee held on 9.1.2017, the roadmap of the Committee was finalised by the Committee members and the priority areas in the water supply & sanitation sector were identified.
  • During the second meeting of the Committee held on 7.4.2017, the proforma for submitting the proposals and appraising the projects received were finalised. Further, brief discussions were held on some of the project proposals received by the Committee up to that time.
  • After approval of evaluation proforma, proposals were invited by MoHUA.
  • During the 3rd TEC meeting, 24 proposals received from various proposed proponents, came up for evaluation for different sections, which were internally evaluated by the CPHEEO team under three different category are. The three different categories identified are as under.
  • Category A : Proposals which are (i) proved at lab scale (ii) innovations having functional units abroad and are seeking funding support from MoHUA to setup demonstration plants having huge potential for replication under SBM / AMRUT / SMART CITIES, etc.
  • Category B: Looking for only recognition/ recommendation from Ministry
  • Category C: Basic research / proposals not related to Ministry / proposal without much substantiation. These are not supported under TEC.
  • For proper transparency, these proposals shall be placed on SBM / CPHEEO website in categories as mentioned above.
  • Post recommendation of the committee, the project proponents were asked to furnish detailed project report duly authenticated seeking support from Ministry. The same after detailed examination and finalizing the recommended cost shall be forwarded to Ministry for consideration of funding.
  • Every proposals seeking financial support have to come through Government Institution.
  • Funding support shall be done under capacity building funds of SBM/ AMRUT after obtaining IFD concurrence.
  • To ensure transparency in the entire procedural mechanism adopted for selection of the technology, comments can be sought from the external agencies/ entrepreneurs/ companies etc.
Last Updated:01-05-2018